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Our Story

Over a decade ago, Bob Heffernan entered the Weimar, Texas BBQ Cook Off to spend an evening with family and try out his new custom built smoker. He had never smoked a brisket before, but he and his father-in-law, Charles Gustavus, stayed up thru the night and unwittingly produced the worst brisket on record. This experience motivated Bob to set his sights on perfecting his flavors and fine-tuning his smoking technique….so the quest began. Bob began blending fresh milled herbs and spices in small batches to create his own unique dry rub. This rub, along with slow pecan smoke and hours of patience, soon produced succulent and moist meats that melt in your mouth.

With two young boys involved in local sports, Bob and his wife, Jeannie, volunteered to sponsor fundraisers for their teams by setting up at the local Wal-mart and having the young players serve Bar-B-Que. This provided the perfect test market and the response was overwhelming. People loved the brisket, ribs, pulled pork and sausage. Bob and Jeannie soon became involved with the local sports associations and other organizations serving their meats, homemade pies and sides at events and fundraisers. They serve graduations, weddings, banquets, and parties up to 400 people.

The meats are slow smoked over Pecan wood for 12 -16 hours and are complemented by Bob’s unique homemade BBQ sauce. The homemade pies, cobblers and breads bring back traditional old fashioned treats using Jeannie’s own recipes and baking techniques. The mouthwatering side dishes are prepared fresh to Jeannie’s own recipes.

“Jeannie and I always say there’s a lot of love that goes into what we do. We are excited to be here in Houston, Texas, serving Texas Style cooking to the wonderful people we meet on this BBQ journey. Whether it’s catering, festivals, or fundraising, we look forward to each event. Follow us on Social Media and come check out our new mobile kitchen and smoker.”